Monday, February 02, 2009

The new Doritos "Free Doritos!" Superbowl Commercial winner. Go Dave and Joe!

"Two nobodies from nowhere" walked off with the million dollar prize from Doritos for their Superbowl commercial that beat two Budweiser commercials.

People, that's huge!

The winners are Dave and Joe Herbert. My wife went to high school with both Dave and his wife, and we hang out periodically. Dave told us about the commercial a few months ago and showed it to us on a little portable TV set/DVD player (given to them by Doritos for their 2006 commercial entry). I was blown away by it and said, "Oh, that has got to win!" I mean, a snowglobe thrown into a crotch? How could that lose? And the acting was dead-on, too. Overall, it was a quality commerciall, and professionally done.

Voters liked it because they won.

See the commercial here.

Dave told us about a trivia board game they had been developing, and now it looks like they have the money to produce them.

Go Dave! You are on your way!


At Monday, February 02, 2009 7:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many many many congratulations to The Herbert brothers! You probably already know this, but the guy running in and grabbing all the Doritos from the vending machine is Tyrone Hawkins, a hilarious stand-up comic. He has a bunch of clips over at RooftopComedy:


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