Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Victoria Lindsay Beating Video. Transcript of the Newly Released video

Like nearly everyone else in the world, I was touched by the story of Victoria Lindsay, the Florida teenager who was beaten by a group of her friends and videotaped to show on youtube and myspace. I was absolutely shocked by the first video, and could not get it out of my mind. Then the second one was released at the end of April, which showed what led to the beating.

With the new video I was interested in what the girls were saying to each other, and how it escalated into the arguments. As a writer, I listen to how people talk and communicate feelings with one another. These two videos demonstrated such emotion that I wanted to learn more about them.

So, I transcribed the second video.

The video is available through various Florida news outlets and searchable through yahoo news. I watched these, noticing that some were easier to hear than others. Also, some were shorter or longer than others. Finally, there was a FOX News report on youtube that showed a few more seconds than the ones in the news outlets.

I put them all together for a complete transcription of the events in the second video. Time permitting, I plan to transcribe the first video at a later date.

The transcript follows below.

The players include Victoria Lindsay, April Cooper, Brittini Hardcastle, Britney Mays, Mercedes Nichols, and two others who didn't appear on the video. In the transcript, I reference Victoria as "V," April Cooper as "A," Brittini Hardcastle as "BH," and Britney Mays as "BM." If I heard a voice whom I didn't know belonged to, I simply labeled it as "Girl." "CAM" refers to the girl holding the camera who I THINK was Cara Murphy.

The second girl who appears in the video holding the cell phone I THINK is Britney Mays. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

The videos had "beeps" to cover up the naughty words. I've typed in the words I think they spoke. Otherwise, it says "beep" or "garbled" when I couldn't understand it.

I think what's interesting is that 2/3 of the way through, after the lights come on and Brittini Hardcastle is taunting Victoria, you can tell that she is running out of "fuel" for her arguments. At this point, she is grasping at straws for things to dig at Victoria. So she pulls out the "whore" statement.

The original tape is reportedly thirty minutes long. I wonder if someday officials will release the entire thing.

My heart goes out to Victoria Lindsay. I hope that you are recovering from your ordeal and please know that the whole world feels for you.

This site has a good copy of the video. Feel free to follow along.

(video starts)

V: It was my sister and I told you that.

A: No, it was you on the phone. It was definitely you.

V: And I was drunk, and you know that.

A: So what?

V: So? I was being stupid.

A: So, learn to shut your fuckin’ mouth. You want to talk your shit, go over and talk it to my face.

V: April, (beeped) her.

A: You want to talk on the phone, you want to talk on the computer, so now’s the time to talk to my face.

V: And I’m telling you right now, that I was drunk, and it was stupid, and I’ve grown up since then.

A: You haven’t. You really haven’t.

V: I really have.

A: You haven’t. You’re still a whore, you still fuck every person on the planet—

V: I’m a whore?

A: You are.

V: How am I a whore?

A: Oh my God. Your own sister tells me you’re a fucking whore.

V: My sister lost her virginity when she was fourteen.

A: Okay . . .

V: I am not a whore.

A: You fucked every guy on the planet . . . .

CAM: It was one guy, though.

A: You went with a (beep) Your own family don’t even want you in their house.

V: Name a guy I fucked that you—

A: Elmer, Elmer, Elmer

April attacks Victoria.

V: Wait! Wait!

CAM: Oh yeah, baby. Oh, yeah.

V: (while attacked) Please, I’m calling the cops. I’ll leave.

Attack stops, Victoria gets up.

A: Go.


V: I’ll fucking leave. Mercedes, give me your phone.

A (or other girl): Go.

Victoria goes down hallway.

V: Give me your phone, Mercedes, thanks for being my friend.

(Girl, BM?) I told you (beep)

V: I knew this shit was gonna happen, I told her it was planned.

(Girl, BM? A?) Did I tell you to go?

V: (Beep) Yells. Mercedes. . .

V: Yells.

BH: (over V) Don’t yell at Mercedes. Do not yell at Mercedes.

V: (Garbled) You know what I’ve been through.

BH: Don’t yell at Mercedes. Don’t.

V: I care abut Mercedes. I am not yelling at her.

BH: I don’t care. You’re not yelling at her, then what the fuck is? You’re yelling.

V: I’m so upset right now, I can’t even—I don’t understand what I’m doing, okay?

CAM (over V) I need fo—I need light.

V: I’m so frustrated (beep) I’m sorry.

BH: Okay, listen to me, what this, what about, bluh,

BM crosses between into room.

BM: (Answering phone) Hello?

BH: What about me and you? What the fuck’s been going on in the past year?

BM: Can I call you back please?

V: Ashley,

Girls talking: That’s what started it . . . It’s always someone else’s fault.

Girl: It’s always someone else’s fault, isn’t it?

BH: What’s this got to do with Ashley?

BM: (Continues on phone)

V: ’Cause I got involved _____ with my best friend, you know that.

BH: I don’t ca—

Girl: It’s always someone else’s fault. It’s always someone else’s fault.

Girl: (beep)— by your own house.

V: Someone just give me a phone. I will leave, if you all hate me, that’s fine. I will leave.

Girl: We all do, so go.

V: I need a phone, I have nowhere to go.

Girl: Someone get her the phone. You brought this all on yourself, honey, all of it. It’s no one else’s fault but yours.

V: Will you let me use that phone?

Girl: So, why’d you tell Mercedes that, um, I didn’t like you?

V: She told me you don’t like me.

BH: I don’t! I don’t like you.

Girl: (Garbled) I don’t have a problem with you, girl. I’ll hang out with her.

Girl: She doesn’t like you.

Girls: Yelling, incoherent. You said, hang out for five minutes. You even said you do not like her.

V: (beep) I was like, fine, then I don’t like her if she don’t like me. I said I don’t have a problem with it.

Girl: Can we turn the light on, please?

Girl: Twist the light bulb, you gotta twist the light bulb.

Girl: Oh my God.

Lights come on.

Girl: Oh, there you go.

BH: Why’d you have to turn away?

V: I’m waiting for the phone so I can leave.

BH: Well, me and you were talking, and that’s kind of rude I think. You don’t think it’s rude, if I was talking to you—Oh, no, I thought you were done—

V: I was talking to her.

BH: No, well ____ then.

V: Okay, well, you have to say.

BH: And you’re saying that you’re not a whore? How long did—no, honestly answer this, how long did you date Elmer? How long?

V: Elmer is—do you want to call him? (beep) I didn’t even (beep) He even—

BH: You didn’t (beep) _____ my best friend that you did.

V: Let me call him right now and put him on speakerphone.

BH: I’ve already talked to him.

V: Now that you all are here, let me call him and put him on speakerphone and say Elmer, what did you do?

BH: Why did he break up with you, then? Because you—


BH: Bullshit! Don’t yell at me. Do not yell at me. Do not.

V: I’m ____ for Will. Me and Will both got back together.


V: . . . do anything.

BH: Why aren’t you together now? Because he doesn’t want to.

V: Because he’s in Korea.

BH: Because he doesn’t want to. That’s why.

V: You guys don’t know nothing about me.

BH: I don’t know nothing?

V: About me and Will?

BH: Oh, I’ve heard plenty of stories.

V: You guys can’t even name a guy that I had in the last six months.

BH: Let’s see, Elmer, Uh-huh. Oh, oh, oh! What about Will? He had that big old train. Hm, yeah, that train. Or—or, Sandy Wood in the shower with, six guys, take showers with . . . .


V: What are you talking about? (beep) shower

BH: You, too, (garbled) being so damn bad in there.

Girl: I don’t know why you’re bringing everything up, she’s just going to deny everything.

V: I’ll tell you the people I’ve fucked, I’m not ashamed. They’re all on (garbled)

BH: How many guys? How many guys? And you’re sixteen, and you’re calling your sister . . .


BM: (beep) Why don’t you stay together, she’s been with Jack since eighth grade.

V: I was with Wilbur three years.

BM: Okay, how old were you?

BH: Okay, okay, if you love him so much, how the fuck did you go from him to three, five, six other different guys and fuck him? You don’t do that. If you loved someone you don’t do that.


V: (continued) Because we broke up for a long time.

BH: (shouting) I don’t give a fuck if you break up.


V: (crying) Okay, Brittini, okay. (garbled)

BH: I don’t want you talking about me (garbled)

V: (garbled) . . . . what to say.

BH: Say—



At Tuesday, June 03, 2008 10:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have some of the girls mislabled. The shorter girl in the blue tank top is Kayla Hassel not Brittany Mayes, and Mercades was the one who said "Did I tell you to go?".

At Tuesday, July 01, 2008 9:10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brittany Mayes of holding the camera saying "OOOOOOOO, yea, baby," and that was Kayla Hassell holding the phone in the video and not calling the police. Only Cara Murphy didn't participate. I think I heard her voice saying "Let her run away." It is a trip. I'm glad you transcribed it because their tones are so hysterical, they don't make any sense. Hopefully, they will learn from this experience.

At Friday, August 01, 2008 9:43:00 AM, Blogger Tina said...

Tag :) You're It

At Friday, October 02, 2009 9:59:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what i dont understand is what the hell was it to do with those other girls if she was sleeping with other boys, none of their business!!! i think the judge let them off lightly to be honest. Hope she is ok now.

At Saturday, October 08, 2011 11:52:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that everyone thinks that fights like this one are at all new - the only thing new about it is the fact that now it's been taken to the internet. There will always be something said or something made up and presented like it's true by jealous individuals - and from what I've learned about this incident, I'd have to say that it got going because one girl felt like her best friend suddenly had a new BFF which was the perfect opportunity for the group's resident instigator to hype things up so that she could watch the end result and think to herself "They're doing this because I said so." And the parents of kids that are the same age as the girls in this incident are either former bullies themselves or they were formerly bullied...or worse, they were the ones who just watched things happen and were too cowardly to do otherwise, afraid that they'd be next. I had an older brother who bullied and beat on me at home, the last thing I was going to do was put up with it from anyone at school whether I was being targeted or someone else, and I'm not ashamed to admit that when I saw someone getting bullied because they wouldn't/couldn't fight back which made them an easy target - I'd jump in to put a stop to it.

When a person has a circle of girls throwing rocks at them while they lay on the ground in the fetal position (at least when I was in HS) yeah, it's probably better to call the police instead of gathering up some rocks along the way and use them to turn the tables so that the mob gets to feel what it's like to have rocks thrown at them (is it my fault they'd already thrown all the ones near them? I don't think so. It's not like I threw softball-sized rocks or was aiming at their head or face.)

At Sunday, May 06, 2012 5:51:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She seems fine now as of today may 6th 2012 she's married to a girl and they look way happy. You can tell she got a boob job and is beautiful on her face book page.


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